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Monsoon Drain at Lorong 3, Jln Batu Kawa completed 

Both Phase 1 and  Phase 2 of monsoon drains along Jalan Batu Kawah, Lorong 3 has finally been completed at RM1,299,000, said Dato Sri, Dr Sim Kui Hian, Minister for Local government and Housing . 

He said although it is not a highly visible public project as it was not along the main road, it is a very important project as part of flood mitigation for Jln Batu Kawa.  

Dr. Sim said life as not everyone takes the trouble to find up the details and expect just a quick fixed. “I always teach my students and must always try to give the right medication rather than fulfil the patients expectation which can be wrong.  The most classic example is common cough.  Most are viral.  Antibiotic not just doesn’t work but is not indicated,” he added.   

Phase 1, he said was supposed to be completed in 2018 through open tender, the non-performing contractor was finally terminated after a lengthy procedure, causing the much delayed! 

Phase 1 (2018 budget), reopen tender at $655,350 and Phase 2 (2019 budget), open tender at $643,919 was  won by the same contractor who did a good job! 

He said every contractors should value their opportunities and do a good job! Those terminated should be black-listed for all Sarawak Government projects through out Sarawak!  

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