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Sarawakians should work together to beat covid-19

Sarawak Local Government, Dato’ Sri Dr. Sim Kui Hian said ever since the threat of Covid-19 coronavirus appeared in other countries, the team in Sarawak had already started work on contingencies – preparation, preparation, preparation – and this does’t stop even when it has become an unfortunate reality. While our front-liners today bravely defend Sarawak against the endless attack of this invisible enemy, our colleagues and teams have to keep us constantly ahead, racing against time to come up with best solution. We must slow this intruder’s advance (flatten the curve) and eventually halt their march. We must hold the line. We must.

He said in a time of crisis  Sarawak Government is putting all efforts into protecting Sarawakians, we also need every Sarawakians to cooperate by staying strong, and staying united. We are in this together – while we #StayHome, we #StandTogether as one #Sarawak. 

“Don’t make things worse, don’t undermine our efforts against Sarawak’s enemy. I hope everyone can be united against these things that tear us apart – rumours, fake news, sensationalism. Some may even think it’s a good idea to take advantage of the challenges we’re in, and make cheap shots to score political points. This is not the time. Sarawakian lives are at stake. It’s time to stand united. Let’s put our political differences aside, and put Sarawakians first. My salute and respect to our frontliners, including the medical, enforcement and defence personnels who left the comfort of home and risk their lives every day so they can save ours. Thank you, you are our guardian angels. You have the gratitude of each and every Sarawakian,” he added.

Sarawakians, said Dr. Sim,  in this challenging times let us extend our care and moral support to each other – families, friends, and those risking their lives. Together, we can overcome this epidemic. To foreign countries that have extended support of medical supplies to Sarawak frontliners, including those from China, you have our deepest gratitude. 

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