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Women Wing – Call for Unity

Amy Tnay - Call  for Unity.

Amy Tnay – Call for Unity.

The SUPP Central Women Section hoped that the registration issue surrounding the party can be solved and dealt with effectively as soon as possible, so that all the section’s affairs and responsibilities can be unaffected and carried out as planned.

Central Woman Chairman, Amy Tnay Li Ping said SUPP Central Women Section has been actively serving the people, emphasising on various social welfare work for the needy since its Social Welfare Unit was set up some time ago. “Not only did the unit work closely with people from all walks of life, it has through this process, built up close and fond working relationship with a number of government agencies as well as NGOs and charity organisations. Thus it is our wish to see a strong and capable Central leadership that is equally recognized and supported by all members,” she said.

Tnay urged leaders from the two factions to set aside their differences and put the interest of the party on top of theirs at this critical moment and help to produce a new group of young and dynamic leaders to continue to lead the party.

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