SUPP Youth on the current Selangor quandary


SUPP Youth feels it is their responsibility and duty to warn the public that Pakatan Rakyat is merely a “Wolf in Sheep Skin” as can be seen by the self-vested agendas of PKR, DAP and PAS in the current Selangor “Menteri Besar” debacle. SUPP Youth further observes that Pakatan Rakyat’s CAT (Competency, Accountability & Transparency) is all propaganda as the welfare, voice and aspirations of the public is never in the CAT equation.

SUPP Youth Secretary General Wilfred Yap is also saddened by his observation that soon after the last General Elections, the PR Government of Selangor announced some small measures not worth mentioning to help the people of Selangor but most of these measures merely sounded good and looked good on paper but many of these measures have not been translated into action effectively. In fact many of the promises made by PR candidates remained empty promises/pledges.

It is a known fact that Sarawak DAP have always been manipulating the public to believe (albeit falsely) that even though SUPP is BN family, SUPP is not of equal standing as the other BN family members (Dang Jia Bu Dang Quan). However the Selangor “Menteri Besar” debacle have clearly shown that DAP despite having 15 YBs is subservient to both PKR and PAS and further that DAP cannot be relied upon as a voice of the Chinese, Indians and non-Muslim Bumiputera communities.

In view of the lessons that can be learnt from the Selangor “Menteri Besar” controversy, SUPP Youth Secretary General Wilfred Yap urges the native communities of Sarawak not to be misled by the Sarawak DAP’s “Impian Sarawak” slogan because DAP is not in a position to deliver any positive change to the native communities of Sarawak as DAP lacks the political will and strength to do so. Sarawak DAP leaders only talk like “Dragons” in their Ceramahs and appear like “Dragons” in their propaganda material but actually have no competency or accountability in carrying out what they preach or write. Further Sarawak DAP has no say in any decision making process as they are remotely controlled by their west Malaysian masters.

In view of the fact that Sarawak DAP & PKR have credibility, competency and accountability issues and cannot be trusted, SUPP Youth urges the non-Muslim Bumiputra communities to reject Sarawak DAP “Impian Sarawak” and also not to allow the opposition DAP and PKR to destroy the harmony and stability that Sarawakians currently enjoy as it is very clear that only a Barisan Nasional Government can guarantee stability and protect our current way of life that is based on moral values and ethics. The success of the various development and transformation programmes in Sarawak is proof that only Barisan Nasional under the leadership of our current Chief Minister YAB Tan Sri Adenan Satem can deliver a brighter future for all Sarawakians regardless of race and religion.


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