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Sebastian Ting checking schools in Miri

Assistant Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Datuk Sebastian Ting said parents have the right whether they want to send their children to schools, he said as he spend time in primary schools in Miri recently. 

Ting was there to see how the schools are managing to orepare for Primary 5 and 6 pupils who have returned to school on Wednesday.

Parents, he pointed out are naturally worried due to covid 19. He said it would be good if concerned parents can sit down with the school to see what they have done.

He said  from what he had observed even before school started, the headmasters and teachers have been practicing the SOP many times to prepare the opening of the school.

The schools, he added were serious and committed with the welfare and well being of the pupils. Besides, he said, Miri is a green zone area and it is good to have the new norm of cleaning oneself even when arriving at home before engaging with the elderly at home.

In Kuching,Samarahan and Padawan, the reopening of the schools have been postponed to August 3 due to the recent positive cases in Kuching. So far the virus has claimed the lives of 18 Sarawakians. 

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