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Kho reckons Tun Mahathir playing politics

There is a sign that some member of Parliament in Sabah are party hoping and shift their support to PM Muhyiddin Yasin. I therefore view the proposal by Mahathir to name Shafie Apdal as PM a desperate attempt to secure Sabahan’s support, said SUPP Woman chuef, Kho Teck Wan. 

She reckoned that it is also Tun’s way to deny Anwar Ibrahim the chance to be the PM should the opposition block obtained majority in Parliament.

“Tun denied that he is the one who proposed Mukhriz as the DPM. I leave it to Malaysian to draw their own conclusion on this. Favourism or not, based on the feedbacks of Politicians from PKR and Amanah, it is obvious that Tun’s proposals weren’t a unanimous decisions made by the opposition block. So far only Tun’s own supporters and DAP supported the PM and DPMs lineup proposed by Tun”, said Kho.

She believed that the process of democracy would have a PM and DPM based on the unanimous decision made by the leaders of the coalition that formed the ruling government. And the Yang Di-Pertuan Agung is the one appointing the PM. 

At this day and age, Kho added, Tun and the opposition block should stand with the rakyat in fighting the COVId-19 pandemic, and assist our people who is suffering due to the slow economy caused by MCO. If the opposition politicians are sincere, they should stop the drama and politicking now, and focus their attention on the people.

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