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Robert Lau sworn in as Senator

Robert Lau, SUPP Bawang Assan branch Chairman said he is  honoured to be nominated by his party and GPS to be a member of the Dewan Negara to be effective from date of swearing in on 22 June. 

Thanking the leadership of both SUPP and GPS for having the trust in him to carry out the role as a senator, he assured he will do it to his best ability. 

“During my term I will pay more heed to three areas. The first (and foremost) will be Sarawak’s rights and interest under MA63 and IGC Report. Sarawak and Sabah are to be treated as equal partners in the federation of Malaysia. It is the federation of Malaysia of 1963 as laid out in the Cobbold  Commission and not the federation of Malaya 1957 provided for in the Reid Commission. 

Second, as a member of the legislature I will do my part to ensure the principle of the separation of powers among the three pillars of democratic system of government  ( the legislature, executive and judiciary) be abide by.  The weakest arm of such a system has always been the judiciary followed by the legislature. 

I together with my two Sarawakian colleagues Senator YB Susan Anding and YB Senator Rita Insol,  today are advantaged by virtue of our legal background, ” he said. 

Lau also thanked his parents for giving the opportunity to study and pursue a career in law and the education in Sibu, SMK Sacred Heart. 

The school, he added provided and continue to provide excellent education, one that rivaled the best in any commonwealth countries of that era and that opportunity in education has led me to stand in this August house to carry out another duty and this time is to serve my community in Sibu, to defend my Sarawak and to contribute to my country. The aim of making this country a better nation. 

Lau said there is an urgent need to renew and grow the economy in Sibu so as to provide jobs and hope to those in this area. This will call for investments in the public facilities and infrastructures and the private sectors to reinvest in their community. 

Sibu, he added, is located at the heart of Sarawak. It is the gateway to the vast hinterland where many of the Iban and other communities live. These communities need equal access as those in the cities here in Malaya otherwise they will always be left behind. 

He hoped for the country as that shared by many of those past leaders such as Tunku Abdul Rahman so that we can live in a stable, democratic, progressive and a moderate society and that the policies of the government are fair and just to all citizens.

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