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Michael Tiang says enough of playing politics 

Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, Michael Tiang  said it is absolutely absurd for Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PBS) to call on the chief Minister to appoint an independent team of professionals to look into the issues concerning health care workers at SGH when public health is in fact a federal matter under the Ministry of Health and not the State. 

He pointed out that PSB should have directed their appeals to the MOH concerning the needs of our health care workers in Sarawak.

PSB, he stated, being a Sarawak based party, should not be only good at “shooting in the house”. It should be seen to fight for the autonomy of public health to be given back to Sarawak when the previous Pakatan Harapan government failed to fulfil their promise to do so.   

He said it did not surprise him for both PSB and Wong King Wei ADUN for Padungan to take this opportunities to unleash their rants against Dato Sri Dr. Sim Kui Hian for his involvement in combating the pandemic at the frontline. Worse still, he added, both comments made by the above parties show politicking at this hour still remains as their top priority and barking at the wrong tree is their norm:

He added that it is a state official duty for Dato Sri Dr. Sim Kui Hian to act as a State Minister to watch brief over public health matters in Sarawak. Nevertheless all public health issues and decisions are directly managed by the Ministry of Health. 

Dr. Sim, he explained as a watch brief minister could only look into the matters concerning our health Care Workers since the public are very much concerned over our HCW as written in the article “Burnt Out HCW”. Nevertheless, both PSB and Wong are trying to mislead the public by labelling Dr. Sim as only a mere politician who they claimed to be unfit in involving in the efforts to fight cover-19 pandemic. Their calls are clearly politicking the issues not to show their concerns for fight against the pandemic but for their own political agenda. Further, as for any licensed medical practitioners, it is their professional duty to assist the General Hospital if such needs arise. Dr. Sim as a professional cardiologist also owes such a professional duty to help the General Hospital, especially during such a critical time of fighting the pandemic. 

Tiang said Sarawak Government not only did not in any way interfere with public health system, the State had been assisting Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sarawak (JKNS) in allocating RM10 million for JKNS to purchase PPE and medical equipment, paying hotel bills and food for hospital frontliners and giving them RM300 per month as incentive to work at frontline for 6 months. All these initiatives by the State are over and above what the Ministry of Health is doing in order to take care of fellow Sarawakians during this covid-19 pandemic.

He said PSB and Wong are indeed well aware that as for the daily media session by Sarawak Disaster Management Committee, both Dr Chin Zin Hing, the Director for Sarawak Health Department and Dr Ngian Hie Ung, the Director for Sarawak General Hospital are the two medical experts on the floor to answer the media questions on medical aspects but they selectively and maliciously pick on Dr Sim to attack for political reasons and for cheap publicity. 

“I would like to challenge both PSB and DAP leaders while staying at home during this challenging time, perhaps they could share with fellow Sarawakians their plans and strategies for Sarawak for the next 2 years while this covid-19 crisis still persists. I therefore urge every Sarawakian including politicians should in fact work together & help each other on non partisan basis at this crisis rather than finger pointing with ulterior motives as we are all standing on a common ground to fight to secure our home to be a safe place for everyone to live, ” he added.

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