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President SUPP, Dato’ Sri Dr. Sim Kui Hian view

When DAP former Pujut ADUN lost his bid in the latest court decision that Tiong has to lose his qualifications as a Sarawak state man due to his Australian citizenship, YB CCJ now came out to confuse and mislead our fellow Sarawakians, particularly by ridiculously comparing my Australian permanent residence with Tiong’s Australian citizenship.

While I was in Australia for 17 years, I have never acquired Australian citizenship or exercised rights of citizenship in, or made any declaration of allegiance to, any country outside the federation of Malaysia as my home is Sarawak. 

As soon as I completed my training as a cardiologist in Melbourne Australia,  I retuned to Sarawak to serve in public hospital. Dr Ting chose to serve in Australia after completed his medical schools and obtained his citizenship in Australia.

By applying his Australian citizenship, Tiong swore his loyalty to Australia and this is not required for permanent residence applicants. I came back to serve Sarawak and eventually was elected as a State Assemblyman for Batu Kawah as a Sarawakian. 

Unlike other states in the Peninsula Malaysia, I am very proud that our State constitution strictly prohibits non-Sarawakians to serve as an Adun in the State Assembly, the highest authority in our land. 

As YB Chong was so dissatisfied with the recent court’s decision to bar Tiong from serving in the State Assembly, is he trying to propose to allow non-Sarawakians to serve in our state assembly? I’m wondering whether there are any hidden agenda in the PH camp to use Sarawak DAP to find ways to create openings for non Sarawakians to rule and represent us in our State legislative, not for our interests but for their endless political ambitions and greed.

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