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Police made their effort, says Foo

SUPP Youth Central Secretary General Milton Foo expressed gratitude towards the police for the unremitting effort & high attention to the arson cases brought up by him during a press conference last Friday. 

According to Foo, the police has taken the matter seriously & full investigation is currently underway to establish the full circumstances of the incident.

A meeting was held on last Saturday afternoon between the victim families & the authority namely, Kuching District Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Chief DSP Mohd Fazri Yusof, Kuching District Intelligence/Operation Deputy Chief DSP Ooi together with the relevant investigating officers where detailed information & material facts were given to the police for investigation. Positive outcome & fruitful result were attained during the said meeting.  

Foo is pleased with the uncompromising stand and relentless effort by the police to combat crime & preserve the safety of the people. With the close collaboration between the people & the police to fight against crime, Foo is confident that Kuching will be made as a safe & united city for all.

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