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Cable problems in Sentosa

SUPP Public Complaints Bureau (SUPP PCB) Chief Wilfred Yap was recently approached by concerned residents living in the vicinity  of 7th Mile Bazaar who complained to him that the electricity cables at Kota Sentosa Town Square have been stolen. This has resulted in the affected resident community not being able to carry out their recreational activities at the town square and those affected have requested for Padawan Municipal Council to urgently replace the stolen electric cables.

Following the request for assistance received, Wilfred Yap together with SUPP 7th Mile Sub-Branch members immediately went to inspect and assess the situation. The problem of the stolen electricty wires at Kota Sentosa Town Square have been communicated to the Engineering Department of Padawan Municipal Council and the stolen electric cables are in the process of being replaced by the council.

The problem of the stealing of electric cables at Kota Sentosa Town Square is not an isolated incident and SUPP PCB Chief Wilfred Yap who is also a Councillor have during a standing committee meeting at Padawan Municipal Council requested the police representative attending the meeting to strictly enforce the Second-Hand Dealer’s Act and step up their efforts to stringently monitor the activities of recycle dealers as they provide an avenue for thieves to sell their stolen electric wires or cables. If the police, start checking closely on these recycle dealers, they will think twice about buying stolen electric wires or cables.

It is also timely for the police to further tighten the law and impose stricter rules and regulations on those recycling companies  involved in the buying and selling of recyclable electric cables and scrap metal to keep proper records of the source of their purchases. Efforts must also be stepped up by the police in terms of security through more frequent patrols in frequently affected public facility areas.  Tight enforcement is the solution to overcome this issue.

Yap, 2nd left, together with SUPP Sub-Branch members at Kota Sentosa Town Square where the electric cables were stolen.

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