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Batu Kawah State assemblyman Dato Sri Sim Kui Hian is very disappointed with  JKR for not improve and upgrade the drainage system at both side of the federal road from Jalan Batu Kawah,Stapok till Datuk Chong Kiun Kong bridge. 

During yesterday’s walkdown, he found out that the area’s water outlet was seriously blocked which causing the area has been inundated during heavy downpour.

Sim Kui Hian disclosed that Batu Kawah Service Centre has received several feedback from public about the inundated road during heavy downpour since this year and Service Centre team members has since investigated it on site and has wrote in to Sarawak JKR to request the authority to rectify this issue.

However, Sim said that JKR still not solving the problem even though the whole stretch of road is under federal government’s jurisdiction and JKR should have absolute rights and responsibility to upgrade the drainage system along the road in order to ensure the safety of road users.

“My secretary has re-wrote in to JKR with photo attachment on the affected area to facilitate JKR’s prompt action on this issue, thus, I hopes that JKR will have no more excuses to get the issue solve”, said Sim Kui Hian.

Last but not least, Sim Kui Hian said that it is unacceptable for PH Federal Government to collect various taxes, which included road tax, from Sarawak yearly, yet they can’t provide Sarawakians with better federal road infrastructure.

20191022-1 Batu Kawah State assemblyman Dato Sri Sim Kui Hian (second left) do a site visit on federal road drainage system along Jalan Batu Kawah, Stapok till Datuk Chong Kiun Kong bridge and is disappointed that JKR still has not solved the issue.

20191022-2  inundated road during heavy pour due to lack of cleaning and upgrading job on both side of the monsoon drain by JKR.s

20191022-1 20191022-2

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