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Sebastian Ting at Kuching Intercultural mooncake festival 

Assistant Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Datuk Sebastian Ting Chiew Yew expressed his joy to accept the invitation from the organizer of the Kuching Intercultural Mooncake Festival 2018 to visit and experience their event with the concept of Sight, Sound and Taste aptly being applied.

“As a newly appointed Assistant Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, I am pleased to be able to visit this famous festival, find first hand and to witness and feel the Sight, Sound and Taste of the truly great event.  This event amplifies the nature of Sarawakians being more than just tolerant but also accepting and accommodating towards each other.

In Sarawak we have people of so many different races and religion and we must continue to be united. There have never been any instances where one group forcing their ideology or religion on others and this practice must continue for Sarawak to flourish, as it has been all these years, “he said.

Ting said the festival is also a great example of tolerance and acceptance of each other in Sarawak.

“In Miri where I come from there is a Church and a Mosque sitting side by side and weekly they offer their parking spaces to their neighbour on their respective prayer days. So on Sundays the Churchgoers can park their car in the Mosque grounds and vise versa of the Friday prayers time.

In Sarawak there is a prevalent meeting of minds. We can see here in Carpenter Street a predominantly Chinese area transformed into a colourful bazaar with all the different races participating with glee and smiles. I congratulate Mr Sim Kiang Chiok, Cr. Amy Tnay and their team for a job well done and I hope that this may continue for the years to come, “he concluded.

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Datuk Ting visits the mooncake festival stalls..

Datuk Ting visits the mooncake festival stalls..

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