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SUPP Youth supports call for revival of sarawak ranger

I support Santubong MP Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi ‘s call for Sarawak to have its own security forces by reviving the Sarawak Rangers to guard the State’s borders.

Pursuant to Article 5 of the Malaysia Agreement 1963, Sarawak was given autonomy over immigration to control entry into the State. Such autonomous powers are so important to Sarawak that every State Immigration Director and his officers who guard the border entries, must all be Sarawakians in order to uphold the integrity in our immigration control. However, such immigration control would not be effective and complete if Sarawak doesn’t have its own security forces to patrol and guard Sarawak’s borders against any illegal entry through our borders. We just cannot let others do the job for us. It just doesn’t make sense!

This is as good as saying that a house owner who only has the power to guard his front gate but he has no place in guarding the fences around his house as the job is done by someone else.

It is obvious that Sarawakians that serve in Sarawak Rangers are the best people to look after their own sovereign territory, the terrains they know best. Therefore it is time for Sarawak Rangers to be revived so as to enhance our border control, not only to prevent illegal entries but also to further tighten up border control on infectious diseases being brought to Sarawak. The recent rabies outbreak in Sarawak due to the Royal Malaysian Police and the Malaysian Armed Forces’ weak border control to curb the movements of dogs from Kalimantan is a good reminder to us that we must have our own border security forces to guard our borders.

Michael Tiang

Michael Tiang

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