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SUPP Youth chief, Michael Tiang reply to Rayong:

“Johnical Rayong needs to be reminded that majority voters in Engkilili voted him in 2016, not to represent them as an opposition ADUN, but an ADUN under the banners of the ruling coalition. In 2016, Rayong was given watikah to contest in Engkilili as a direct BN candidate. He even promised Tok Nan that he would quit UPP if he won Engkilili seat.  Later Rayong won the seat but refused to honour his words and stayed with UPP. Now by jumping to Party Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) an opposition party in Sarawak, Rayong has once again failed to honour his constituents’ mandates to serve them in the ruling coalition,” said Michael Tiang, the Youth Chief of SUPP who released a press statement to refute Rayong calling GPS of being arrogant.

SUPP Youth supports the comments by the Youth Chief of Parti Rakyat Sarawak Datuk Snowdan Lawan that GPS is aiming to claim Engkilili in the coming state election. “What Datuk Snowdan meant was to ensure the people in Engkilili that they would not be neglected by GPS as SUPP would be representing GPS to free them from Rayong’s arrogance and his irresponsible hands,” Tiang emphasized.

Tiang also urged the people in Engkilili to reject any politicians that took care of their own interests above the constituency’s as it is morally wrong for an elected representative to change his political affiliation after being elected. It is in fact an insult to those who voted him in. Such kind of politicians should be written off by Engkilili for good.


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