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Ting welcomes police’s action on Zakir Naik

Piasau Assemblyman, Datuk Sebastian Ting Chew Yew applauded Malaysian Police action in barring controversial preacher Zakir Naik from public speaking nationwide.

Ting said this is indeed a good decision made by the police force but he felt that it was not enough as he, Naik should be stripped off his PR status and deported from this country.

Naik, he said, has caused enough damage in a multi-racial, multi religion country where there were times extremism reared its ugly head. Thus, Naik who made racial remarks and caused a wedge between the races should be expelled from this country before worst thing happens.

As Malaysia is a multi-racial country, it is of most importance that there should be respect and harmony between one another instead of having an outsider to come and cause racial tension.

Ting praised the decision of previous Chief Minister, the late Pehin Sri Adenan Satem who banned Zakir from entering the state.

After telling Chinese to go back to China and accusing Indians of not being loyal to the country leaders, Zakir was barred from public preaching from all states. The controversial preacher is wanted back in his country for a host of criminal activities.

Datuk Sebastian Ting

Datuk Sebastian Ting

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