Lim Sian See Open Reply to Lim Guan Eng’s Open Letter to Teluk Intan Voters

Published by Lim Guan Eng on May 28, 2014, 6:38 pm Replied by Lim Sian See on May 28, 2014, 8:18 pm

 (Published with permission)

Protecting Your Hopes, Securing Our Future LGE said:: BN and UMNO conducts the Teluk Intan by-election in the same manner they run the country, by appealing to your worst fears and ugliness with lies, curses and hate. By trying to smear the character of our young lady candidate Dyana Syofa and even her mother, BN and UMNO have lost the mandate to rule and right to represent the people of Teluk Intan.

LSS Reply: What guarantees do you have that it was not your famed DAP-friendly Cybertroopers were the ones who came out with the bikini pictures of Dyana? These pictures were already circulating even BEFORE Dyana was announced as a candidate. There were 3-4 other names proposed then so how come none of the other 3 were defamed?

Who benefits most from the bikini pictures which gave immediate fame and publicity to your Dyana and branded her as beautiful?

Does it also allow you to play the “victim syndrome” as you have now? Aren’t we used to the slanderous tricks that your cybertroopers play? The videos and pictures of the 40k Banglas and Blackouts, perhaps?

As for Dyana and Dyana’s mom’s credibility being smeared. I am afraid that all credit is due to Dyana and Dyana’s mom respectably. This is due to her lying about her and her mom’s involvement with PERKASA which she has denied multiple times before she finally had to admit when pictures of her and her mom at PERKASA events surfaced. This is all her and her mum’s fault for hiding the truth. No one else.

And it also does not help that Dyana’s credibility is further smeared due to her basic inability to articulate and answer basic questions, giggling like a school-girl all the time and having her microphone snatched by your father when questions were put towards her.

LGE said: BN knows only how to preach hate because this is the only justification for their corruption and abuse of power. BN knows only how to appeal to your fears to cover up their mismanagement of the economy leading to the Barang Naik problems of price hikes in petrol, sugar, electricity and even motor insurance premiums as well as Goods and Services Tax(GST).

LSS reply: Pakatan State Governments have raised prices of licenses, parking rates and business permits (Penang and Selangor) and even water charges in Penang twice since 2013, 3 times since 2008) and Kelantan. I have no idea what kind of accountant you are but I don’t see how you can fail to see the benefits to the economy as a whole with subsidy rationalization and with GST which 90% of other countries have implemented.

Pakatan’s obsession with reducing the cost of living means it is not only populist and irresponsible but clearly shows that Pakatan is short-sighted and really lacks any economic sense and living in a dream-world.

It’s a false hope and dream. It CANNOT BE DONE.

Show me one country that does not have any increase in house or food prices in the past 20 years. We move there together.

We should not confuse the cost of living with the standard of living. Just blindly reducing the cost of living is going against world-wide trends and going against history. That is why I believe that it is a very simplistic and short-sighted view that DAP’s and Pakatan manifesto is promising.

Definitely, DAP and Pakatan WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO DELIVER on this without inflicting massive damage and distortion to our economy.

For example, the price of goods in the 1960s and 70s were much lower than now but is the standard of living and people’s livelihood any better than now?

The standard of living, among others, includes factors such as real income, quality of jobs, availability of jobs, a safer and greener environment, quality and affordability of housing, access to quality healthcare, quality and availability of education, better roads and better infrastructure.

Would you also want the house that you buy today at RM100,000 to still be valued at RM100,000 twenty years later?

Since it impossible to contain the cost of living as it is a world-wide and a historical trend, BN’s transformation policies and strategies is to minimize inflation and increase the real income level of the Rakyat of Teluk Intan at a faster rate than inflation and increase our overall standard of living.

Datuk Mah’s manifesto and BN’s goals are consistent with these goals and have policies and strategies that raises the real income and the standard of living for all Malaysians regardless of race. If BN is Barang Naik then PR is Price Rise.

LGE said: Malaysians are told to eat kangkong. Instead of incomes not rising, more foreign workers are brought in. Instead of defending Malaysians, Tenaga Nasional Bhd is promoted with tariff hikes to increase their profits and share prices.

LSS reply: Who was it exactly who told Malaysians to eat Kangkong? It certainly wasn’t the PM so don’t slander him. He was merely saying that prices of vegetables and fresh food goes up and down due to various factors including the weather, demand, supply and the time of the year. Surely as an accountant, you understand this?Where is your evidence that incomes are not rising? You and your own colleagues salaries and allowances have risen 100% or more early this year, am I correct? And I have not even started talking about the 300% increases in Salary for Selangor ADUNs.

And shall we stop all foreign workers coming in and send the currents ones here back home tomorrow? Would your businessmen friends agree? Would the hawker stalls towkays in Penang agree?

Tenaga price increases are necessitated by reducing fuel subsidies to the IPPs which is directly passed on to the cusomers and is part of the subsidy rationalization program. Might I remind you that 70% of consumers are not affected and only the richer ones have to pay more. Should we subsidize the rich? Might I also remind you that Malaysia enjoys one of the cheapest electricity price in the region.

LGE Said: We can overcome your problems if we win Putrajaya. We have shown what we can do in Penang and we can do better nationally. Just as we have done in Penang, we can help senior citizens, single mothers, university students, the disabled, non-working mothers, taxi drivers, fishermen, shortage of dialysis treatment and fix our schools to improve their educational standards.

LSS Reply: What have you shown in Penang? The ability to run an increasing operational loss/deficit year after year camouflaged by asset and land sales. Might I remind you that your Penang state operating revenues have been stagnant since 2008 while your operating expenses have doubled from 2008 to 2012 while your asset and land sales have increased 10 times during that period? How is increasingly selling assets while running operational losses a sustainable and viable management strategy?

Can I also remind you that foreign investment into manufacturing in Penang has dropped 90% since its peak in 2011 and from the number one spot in 2011, Penang have dropped to 6th in 2012 and 4th in 2013 and 5th so far this year? Even your neighbouring Kedah has 20 times the amount of manufacturing foreign investment than Penang right now.

And you were quoted on record saying that “Ikea is a Critical Economic Catalyst”. I fail to understand how a Swedish owned shop selling China-made furniture to Penang people be considered a Critical Economic Catalyst.

Please, Mr CM. Stop politicking, buck up and run your state properly.

LGE said: BN and UMNO have run out of excuses why its clever slogan of 1Malaysia has vanished. The reason is simple. It is everything to do with the black hole called 1 MDB where tens of billions of ringgit of our money are put at risk in investments by those with doubtful expertise to benefit cronies.

LSS reply: Financial blackhole?Might I remind you that 1MDB is the second largest owner of IPPs in Malaysia. How much is this asset worth? Tens of billions of ringgit too, right? And plus, were you not complaining about “cronys” making lots of money from IPPs? And now that these are owned by 1MDB and by extension, the government, you still want to complain?

LGE said: There is little conviction even when 1Malaysia is shouted, lesser still when its slogans of People First and Performance Now are overtaken by racial bigots and religious extremists who preach the language of hate and violence. The time has come for all Malaysians to come together where a Malay leader can look after non-Malays and a non-Malay leader look after Malays.

LSS reply: I would put a major part of the blame for religious and racial intolereances on you and Pakatan Rakyat. DAP and Pakatan people provoke racial and religious tensions all the time and knowing each time that the other side will over-react.

For example just this year alone so far 1) “Kangkung” issue by stuffing PM face with kangkung 2) “Teresa’s onederful video 3) Hew Kuan Yew’s wishing for Rosmah to die 4) Tony Pua’s valentine’s day mocking of Muslim fatwa 5) Rayer’s CELAKA issue

Who started those issues above?Did anyone put a gun to DAP and Pakatan’s head to start those issues or say or do those things? And some UMNO and BN side are gullible fools for over-reacting and giving them ammunition – in the end UMNO has been used by DAP. And this is how DAP shows the Chinese that Malays are aggressive and unreasonable people out to hurt the Chinese and how DAP holds on to the Chinese support.

LGE said: Teluk Intan is our first step towards Putrajaya in 2017 to end the national divisiveness and racial politics of BN.

LSS reply: How does having 37 or 36 (if you lose Teluk Intan) MPs in the current Parliament help you in Putrajaya in 2017? BTW, who told you General Elections are in 2017, it could be 2018 correct? Might I kindly remind you that you are not the Prime Minister yet and have no right to determine which year the General Elections will be.

LGE said: BN have run out of excuses. Under BN there is only hope and a bright future for children of BN leaders and their cronies. BN does not care about your family’s livelihood affected by price hikes and GST. BN does not share your hopes for justice, prosperity for all and smaller personal debts. BN does not know the future you want for your children filled with equal opportunities in a Malaysia that is clean and safe from crime. You have neither hope nor future under BN. Vote PR and DAP’s Dyana to protect your hopes and secure our future

LSS Reply: I am not sure if BN have run out of excuses but I see that you have not run out of lies and hyperbole. One generation after the next generation have improved their lives under the very same BN government – including you who studied in government schools and subsequently went to Monash because your father was given a safe environment and opportunity to earn a decent living.

If Malaysia is not being run well, how come our Debt-to-GDP ratio is lower than Japan, Singapore, US, UK and a host of others? How did Malaysia end up with a record share market index now, a 6.2% GDP growth in Q1 and among the highest in Asia, an upgrade from Moody’s outlook for Malaysia, praise from World Bank and IMF?How did we end up with the 16th largest forex reserves in the world?How did we become 12th most competitive economy in the world?

How did we end up with investment grade “A” rating from all three major credit-rating agencies, Moody’s Standard & Poors and Fitch?

How did Malaysia end up with three of the top-ten largest shopping malls in the world which are packed daily? How did Malaysia end up as the number one country in the world where households own more than one car? How is it that most middle-class Malaysians travel overseas at least once a year?

I am not so sure which country you want to live in, Mr Chief Minister but I still choose Malaysia because I am not blinded by your lies and propaganda.

I shall ignore DAP’s arrogance in selecting a candidate based on looks and race but is clearly not ready to be a MP and just say that If Dyana wins in Teluk Intan and the voters voted in someone based on looks alone and someone who has flip-flopped numerous times in the past weeks, whose manifesto is wishy-washy and someone who is glaringly inadequate at this moment, then clearly there is neither hope nor future for Malaysia.

Teluk Intan voters owe it to themselves to vote in a very qualified local candidate (Mah has 2 degrees and 1 MBA) with impeccable reputation and track-record who has the experience, relationship network and the full support of the Perak state and Federal government to implement a detailed manifesto that he has promised to implement for you.

You know Mah Siew Keong has the right plans to Teluk Intan. You know he has a proven track record in Teluk Intan. And you know his credibility and you very well know he WILL deliver for you. That’s how he is.

It’s really a decision between substance vs (pretty) hot air. This is not a beauty pageant.

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