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Sarawak government provides technical training, says Dr. Sim

The Sarawak government gives technical training for the people through the establishment of a technical excellence center, which not only provides capable human resources for the country, but can also increase the income of low-end families, said Minister for Local Government and Housing Sarawak, Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian.

Dr. Sim who is also Assemblyman for Batu Kawa said this will helps to improve the quality of life for the people through such upgrading basic facilities.

He was speaking at the CENTEXS and StateMultimedia Committee (SMA) 2019 expedition at Dewan Kampung Sinar Budi Baru, Batu Kawah today.

Stating that the Sarawak government has continued promoting vocational education since the late Chief Minister Adenan’s era besides providing scholarships for students to further their studies who successfully entered college through the Yayasan Scholarship.

“Sarawak government does not neglect those graduates who are unable to continue their studies. They will provide them with short-term vocational training courses with the establishment of such technical excellence center”, he added.

Dr Sim pointed out that through the Center of Technology Excellence, students can choose to pursue courses in the fields of digital, cultural heritage, technology, oil and gas, electronics, etc., as long as they complete the course, they can obtain international certification to cater to the suitable needs for different workplace.
Therefore, he hopes that Sarawak people can grasp this opportunities offered by the government and enroll in technical courses especially, people in rural areas who can increase their family income through professional careers.

On the other hand, Chief executive officer of the Center for Technology Excellence Haji Syeed Mohd Hussien Bin Wan Abdul Rahman said that the center currently offers 28 courses in six fields, including oil and gas, electronics and ports, construction, textiles and hospitality. In the field of electronics, he added that all courses are conducted in a short-term period.

He said that the center is currently cooperating with the famous mobile phone manufacturer, Huawei to provide students with a number of digital data courses. Students can obtain international certification issued by Huawei.
Syeed added that the technical excellence center expedition had been to Mukah, Betong, Lawas, Lundu, and now Batu Kawah.

In addition, the Center for Technology Excellence also held a Community Technology Outreach Program (CTOP) in the visiting community to teach community residents the basic use of local cuisine such as laksa and smart phones.

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