Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian on MA 63

The difference between the Sarawak of today and that of 1976 is that the people of Sarawak now has awaken.
Sarawak today is much aware of what are the rights due to Sarawak under the MA63 and the IGC Report than when Malaysia was formed 56 years ago. That critical part of our country’s history was and continue not to be taught in our schools.
For more than 50 years, Sarawak was not aware or not able to defend its rights. History one day will judge the leaders of that generation. Some did stood up to bravely to defend the rights enshrined in the international agreement of MA63 and ended up paying heavy prices with their liberty and some even with their lives.
No political units formed before 1963 foresaw the abuses that the Malayan master would inflict on the States of Sarawak and Sabah, except for the founding members and early leaders of SUPP who believed that Sarawak was not ready to be part of Malaysia. SUPP fought for Sarawak to be independent before considering whether to be part of Malaysia.
SUPP did that precisely it’s leaders saw the danger of Sarawak being overwhelmed by the more advanced society of Malaya and that we would not be able to defend our corner.
History has shown and proven that SUPP was correct. Yes, SUPP has told you so. Much sadness has happended to Sarawak over the past few decades. Our wealth and power has been taken away. Our children has to leave our shore for Malaya to work in the market and industries their banked rolled by the wealth from the children’s motherland.
That has happened and we can’t change the past. But we can change the future by stopping these abuses. We must move forward and strive for a better future for our anak Sarawak.
Moving forward, supp and it’s GPS partners must now stand firm and reclaim all the rights we have lost. We must now be restored to what was promised to us – equal partners of Malaya.
Nothing less. Not one inch.
The motions today put forth in this August house is a clear signal that Sarawak has awaken. It also is sending the message that we will not be cowed into submission like in the past such as in 1976.
We were not present in 1963, nor were we in the Parliament in 1976, but we are all here today to correct what is wrong. Let’s unite as Sarawakian and do what is right for our future generation.