Milton Foo said DAP conflicting in their views on DUN attire

Milton Foo

SUPP Youth Central Secretary-General, Milton Foo said DAP state assemblymen are conflicting themselves when they refused to wear the official attire for the opening of the State Legislative Assembly yesterday.

He pointed out that all DAP MPs including DAP MPs from Sarawak wear their official attire during the opening of the Parliament sitting.

Calling it a lame excuse given by Chong, Foo said, the reasons given by Chong on June 23, 2011 was to save people money as he said it was very costly to make the official attire.

“It means that the government has to spend tens of thousands of ringgit to provide the official attire for the 12 of us,” he said. The money, he added, could be better spent on more important matters. This only show that DAP ADUNs are showing disrespect to DUN but only subservient to the Parliament, added Foo.

He urged  DAP ADUNs not to make any unfulfilled rhetoric and irresponsible promises such as those uttered by Chong in DUN last year in returning 20% oil royalty & 50% tax revenue collected to Sarawak as soon as PH takes over Putrajaya. DUN, said Foo, is not coffee shops for them to make all kinds of baloney like what they did during GE14 campaign. DUN is a place with dignity for ADUNs to speak for people of Sarawak but not for their political rhetoric.

“ I’m so disappointed that YB Chong as a senior member of the House & also a Deputy Minister of Federal Government, his provocative act to ridicule other members in the House is destroying the dignity & image of the supreme legislative body in Sarawak. If a member of the House acts like an barbarian, it will make us Sarawakians a laughing stock in the international community. Chong is slapping his own face when he said in DUN this morning that the speaker in order to show his impartiality must not be affiliated with any political party, as he tends to forget that the Deputy Speaker of Parliament is from DAP Nga Kor Ming,” he added.

Milton Foo

Milton Foo