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State Assemblyman Piasau, Datuk Sebastian Ting wishes everyone a Happy Easter

As we celebrate the Holy Week, it is with great pleasure and joy that get messages from friends of all races wishing us Happy Easter. This is indeed a reflection of the multi-racial and multi-religious spirit in Sarawak,said Piasau Assemblyman, Datuk Sebastian Ting.

“All this is due to the good goverance of GPS.We have a fair and just government that allows us, to live together. Sarawak is still a place where we are all living together harmoniously and we, of all races and religion will continue to live in peace in generations to come.

I pray that this most holy week for Christians will foster greater love and peace among Christians and with people of all faiths”, he said.

Good Friday is a celebration of love, forgiveness and mercy. Easter Sunday will be a celebration of hope and salvation.

Everyone, he added,  is free to openly practice their traditions without any hindrances and we thank God for such harmony and unity in Sarawak. 

“Due to the political turmoil we have at the moment, with MA 63 hotly debated, we must remind ourselves that when it comes to respects and tolerance of each other’s culture and religion, we should put aside our differences.

It is important that we continue to show such respect of one another regardless of our beliefs. We have to do so to allow our future generations to live in peace,” he stated.

Datuk Sebastian Ting wishing all a Happy Easter.

Datuk Sebastian Ting wishing all a Happy Easter.

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