Michael Tiang ask MP Kuching to fulfil election promises

Michael Tiang

Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) who is also a political secretary for the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Michael Tiang ask MP Kuching, Dr Kevin Yii not to talk too much when he did nit fulfil his election promises.

Tiang was responding to Dr. Kelvin Yii’s earlier statement which criticised Sarawak Government slowness in implementing smoking ban at all eateries in Sarawak.

“I would like to remind Bandar Kuching MP that he promised Sarawakians in his election campaign video in the last GE14 that if Pakatan Harapan is to become the new government, there will no more talks and negotiations but a done deal for Sarawak to get back its 20% oil royalty and 50% of all taxes collected from Sarawak. Now, where is our 20% oil royalty and 50% tax collected from us today? Where is the education and public health autonomy he promised in last May? If our Bandar Kuching MP is so sensitive about fast delivery by the governing bodies, he and his Sarawakian colleagues in Pakatan Harapan (PH) are the one who have failed miserably,” Tiang commented. “Do your jobs first, before you tell others how to do theirs!”

“With all the criticisms made by DAP Sarawak people representatives against the Sarawak Government’s cautious steps in implementing the federal laws to ban smoking ban at eateries, none of them actually care to make efforts to seek more federal resources from PH government to help our local governments to implement the smoking ban more efficiently and effectively,” said Tiang. “DAP Sarawak MPs had failed again to represent Sarawak in the PH government to help our local government. Why are they talking so loud in Sarawak but continue to keep mum about Sarawak local government needs in the Federal?”

Tiang continued to point out that “it is not as easy as “there is a new federal law, and the local governments just enforce it.” “In order to enforce a new federal law like the new smoking ban at all eateries effectively, the local governments always require further resources and guidelines from the federal government for their local enforcement teams. Moreover, there is nothing wrong for Sarawak Government to implement the smoking ban by first focusing on educational elements in its enforcement in the first 6 months from March 1. This shows our Sarawak Government is willing to think through and go an extra mile to educate the public than just bluntly enforces the new ban as the federal government says so.”

“Lastly, I would like to remind Dr. Kelvin Yii and all Sarawak PH MPs that Sarawak people did not vote them in to become a federal agent to tell Sarawak what to do. They were elected by the people of Sarawak in the last May because our people were made to believe that the Sarawak PH MPs will fulfil all their election promises they had pledged to Sarawakians.”

Michael Tiang

Michael Tiang