Mayor Adam Yii Christmas message


A time for togetherness

On behalf of myself and my family and the city council I take this opportunity to wish all Mirians a blessed Christmas and a happy new year 2019.

As we look back at 2018 we will realise the many developments that had taken place at the national scene especially in the political arena.

In Sarawak we saw new developments too in the political scene.

However it is good to note that our Sarawak continues to remain the beacon of multiracial and multireligious unity and harmony as we saw so clearly during the Dec 8 Miri City Christmas Parade.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ this Dec 25, I hope we will use the holy day to forge togetherness with families, relatives and friends and to give thanks for the priceless peace and harmony in Sarawak.

This should be a time of family togetherness and prayers and there is no better place to do so than the home and community where one still have families and frends to share the joy with.

There is no greater joy than to spend Christmas with people who are close.and dear.

This is a time for prayers and also family togetherness and community harmony.

The tradition of holding open house and reunion gatherings will continue to give.everyone the opportunity to.join in the festivities.

For those who are driving or travelling long distances we pray for them that they will reach home safely to be with their loved ones.

People in Sarawak are blessed with abundant peace and unity and are able to enjoy the festive season without fear.

Cherish all these and may God bless us all this Christmas and the coming new year.


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