New ruling for pet owners

The Ministry of Local Government and Housing (MLGH) recently introduced new application forms for dog licensing, pet shop licensing and dog breeder licensing.

These new licensing requirements were introduced as one of the means to monitor and eliminate rabies in Sarawak and are commendable, said Mayor Miri Adam Yii.

He urged the MLGH to simplify the forms to minimise inconvenient to dog owners. At this critical juncture, the overriding priority should to register and license them so that there is a more complete data base to formulate strategies to combat rabies and spread of rabies

“A review of the applications forms should be undertaken to include the perspective of the applicants. One possible simplification could be the removal of the requirement for the pictures of the licensed dog.

Another improvement could be to have an option for online registration system with the applicants only having to turn up to collect the dog tags or permits after payment,” he added.

Miri City Council would fully support a redesigned application Form which strikes a balance between the need for MLGH to have a registration database and also to make it more convenient easier for applicants to apply for the permits.