Tan Kai queries Chong Chieng Jen on his allocation to SJK Stapok Chung Hua

Tan Kai gazing at the blown roof

Political Secretary to Chief Minister of Sarawak, Tan Kai  asked MP for Stampin, Chong chieng Jen to should explain whether the funding given to repair SJK Stapok Chung Hua was from the  50 million allocation from the previous government.

Chong who is also the Deputy Minister for Domestic Trade and Consumerism Affairs had announced RM200,000 for the school on Sunday when the roof of a computer/music room was blown off in a freak weather last week. Chong has also given an allocation of RM10,000 from his constituency fund.

Tan Kai said the so-call RM75,000 announced by Chong and an additional of RM125,000 is an annual allocation or special allocation to repair the roof. If, he added, it was an annual allocation then where is the annual allocation for other SJK (C) in Sarawak for year 2018?

He pointed out that Education is under Federal government’s jurisdiction and the maintenance shall be their sole responsibility but there are many dilapidated schools required immediate funding for maintenance and upgrading.

The PH government cannot fulfilled their manifesto to return the oil royalty of 20% and return the education autonomy to Sarawak.

Tan added that since November 2015, Minister of Local government and Housing, Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian has successfully obtained grants amounting of RM 1,195,000.00 for SJK (C) Stapok via the platform of Parliament Senator, YB Batu Kawa and Sarawak Cabinet Minister as a people’s representative responsibility and his support  towards Education for betterment of next generation.

He said Dr Sim will continue to provide assistance for the completion of the Multi Purpose Hall of SJK (C) Stapok and hope that  Chong will also help to ensure the project materialized as Sarawakian interest is always on top priority.

Urging the Federal PH government to learn and follow Sarawak Government for the increasing allocation to Chinese schools every year and recognition of UEC, Tan reminded them that they are from Sarawak and pursuant for  funding from Federation Government is always of paramount issue.

Tan Kai gazing at the blown roof

Tan Kai gazing at the blown roof