Stop finding excuses

Milton Foo went to DID

Secretary of SUPP Youth Central Chief, Milton Foo asked Deputy Minister for Domestic Trade and Consumers Affairs, Chong Chieng Jen and MP Kuching, Dr. Kevin Yii to stop making excuses for Pakatan Harapan government and get down to work.

Foo said he was bombarded with calls from the people on flash flood in Kuching last week where Sarawak general hospital was also affected.

He said there was a RM150 million mitigation approved by the previous government and he went to DID to find out where the money was.

“I was told by an officer there that the money was parked under the Finance Minister and has yet to be released as they want to review the project. If they want to review then call for an open tender but do not delay and let the people suffer,” he said.

Foo pointed out that flash flood in SGH is one of the projects under the flood mitigation plan and instead of talking about the issue, Chong and Dr. Yii are not doing any favour to Sarawakians by helping PH find excuses. They, he said, should instead fight for the money to be forward to the DID to get the flood mitigation project going.

He hoped that the current government will stop playing politicis and using linguistic tactics to delay projects in Sarawak.

Milton Foo went to DID

Milton Foo went to DID