Lo rebukes MP Chong’s statement

Lo khere chiang

Now that GPS is officially registered, we in Sarawak should not only have a 100 percent Sarawak-based ruling party but also a 100 percent Sarawak based Opposition party to look after Sarawak and to ensure transparency and fair governance, said State Assemblyman for Batu Kitang, Lo Khere Chiang.

Lo said in support of the Chief Minister, Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari’s  response that only Sarawak based parties and opposition parties can look after Sarawak.

“Look at MP Stampin, Chong Chieng Jen’s statement who described the CM for being a mere political trickery when the CM wants Sarawak based parties to rule Sarawak.

“In almost every promise and agenda made, there was a U-turn. The oil and gas revenue of 20 percent, the retur of 50% taxes collected, the return of education and health autonomy  to Sarawak, the return of equal status of Sarawak and Sabah with Malaya,  the refusal to recognise the Unified Examination Certificate among a lot more. He, Chong and the rest of the PH Sarawak MPs are now quiet like a mouse. Look at his performance in these six months; he dare not utter anything against his Malaya masters.

Recently, the Prime Minister announced a RM30 billion dividend from Petronas but Sarawak was again left out of it.

To add salt to the wound, the PM says that Petronas does not feel the pinch with this Rm30 billion dividend taken out! To quote Tun Dr Mahathir ” 30 billion is nothing to them…’!! I would like to ask why is it that we never get any share of the special dividends when 30% of the country’s profits from petroeum came from Sarawak?  It took Malaya 33 years to disburse Rm30billion accumulative royalty from petroleum to Sarawak but it took Petronas just one single transaction to disburse Rm30billion to Malaya.

If PH is really as fair and transparent as they advocate, everything that Malaya gets, we in Sabah and Sarawak should get too. After all the promises PH made before the election, we are still getting a miserable 5 percent of the 15billion ringgit annually. Where are the promises of equal status and fairness promsised to Sarawak and Sabah?,” he said.

Asking Sarawakians to look at PKR Sarawak Chief, Baru Bian’s recent predicament, Lo said this is the case of Malaya mistreating Sarawakian and thus the need for a Sarawak based party to understand and to take care of Sarawakians. Even before  Malaya gather strength, Sarawak has already been sidelined.

He reckoned that there is just no sincerity on the part of PH to take care of Sarawak. And after Chong was made a deputy Minister, he was helping his Malayan masters to explain things instead of fighting for Sarawak rights, the return of Sarawak wealth. So, Chong, you are calling our CM’s statement trickery. Who is tricky now? Is this the sincerity and loyalty one show to Sarawak? You must not forget your roots and that you must put Sarawak first.

Saying that Sarawak only wants to be on par with West Malaysia’s infrastructure and standard of living, Lo said that was not too much to ask. After all, we give you so much in terms of oil and gas, so you should show some gratitude in the form of rebuilding Sarawak as many in the rural areas are still without proper roads, electricity and water. Show some fairness as at the moment, Sarawak is still being treated as a step-son.

We are Sarawakians and we must take care of Sarawak first. Where is Chong and the rest of our PH leaders? Where are they leading us? What is the difference between UMNO then and Pakatan Harapan now?, he asked.

Lo khere chiang

Lo khere chiang