Vaccination for dogs in Miri

Dog vaccination in Miri

A total of 11,124 dogs were already vaccinated in Miri Division this year as of this week to control the rabies infection.

This was the latest figure of dogs both strays and pets from the Miri Veteniary Department.

State Assemblyman for Piasau, Datuk Sebastian Ting reminded pet owners to have their pet vaccinated if they have not done so.

He expressed gladness that many Miriams are positive about fighting the rabies outbreak.

So far, a total of 93,525 animals had been vaccinated by State Veterinary department of which 8,495 were cats and 54 others. 11,290 pets had been culled.

258 dogs and 15 cats were found positive to have rabies virus.

Since June 2018 after rabies outbreak, it claimed 12 lives.

A total of 47 areas were declared Rabies epidemic, the latest in Rumah Isa, Nanga Belansai, Julau.

Dog vaccination in Miri

Dog vaccination in Miri