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Statement by Michael Tiang, SUPP Youth Central Chairman:

1. Minister of Tourism and Culture Dato Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz has repeatedly demonstrated arrogance and haughtiness in his speech. This shows nothing but merely reflects the lack of self-cultivation in his personality, which leads to such a conceited manner that does not deserve learning and respect by the people of Sarawak.

2. Following his previous criticism towards Sarawak’s Minister of Tourism, now he targets accusation on Robert Kwok, with coarse tone and in vile manner, which vividly illustrates the political hooliganism culture that was originated from Malaya. Any political ways that carry similar rogue element or hooligan DNA should be absolutely and resolutely denied from this piece of land with pure and harmonious nature.

3. As a husband, father, member of Parliament and a minister in cabinet, Nazri should always set a good example in terms of demeanor and deportment, but regretfully being again and again failed to learn from the incidents suggest that he is in the opposite way of repentance.

4. As the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Nazri is obliged to possess the quality of leadership such as harmony, politeness, tolerant, noble and civilized. However ironically, these were not shown in his attitude while performing his ministerial duty.

5. These types of leaders are neither required, liked nor welcomed by Sarawak. We, Sarawakians continue to demand our Sarawakian leaders to maintain the harmony, mutual respect and understanding of all ethnic groups. This forms the very fundamental reason why Sarawak should be governed by own Sarawakians.


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