The great pretender

The pretender

He was only 19 but the police have a string of car theft cases against him.

This morning at 11 am, police managed to pull him in from his house at Kpg Gita.

As the arresting team tried to read him his rights before bring him to the Gita station, the young man grabbed his chest in pain, began hyperventilating, looking as if he was about to suffer a heart attack.

The shocked policemen, seeing him gasping for air, immediately called an ambulance. A team of Medic rushed to the scene and put him on oxygen immediately.

Following a more thorough check up, they found the youth was only putting on a great act and there was nothing medically wrong with him.

The annoyed police team immediately pulled him out of the ambulance and marched him straight to the station before he can perform any further “heart attack” performance.