MH370 – Public comment

Amidst the many views and comments in the media on the search of the missing MH370, the public found out that some can be cruel, some supportive, and others giving hope to those waiting for their loved ones.

Below is one of the best comments received from Sweden, to be shared by all Malaysians.

It’s sad to see how some Malaysians keep on bashing, blaming, judging the authorities of Malaysia each time they announced any news.

It’s not an everyday case that we encounter here but I believe they did their very best to find the clues behind the incident and the pressure to prepare the answers to the families.

Can you imagine the burden they carried on their shoulders and how much precautions they have to take before announcing anything? No, because you are not in their shoes!

That’s why it’s so easy to judge and bash them for any actions, responses, or announcements. In fact, they can’t simply say anything they want. They desperately wanted to solve this puzzle for the sake of the related families and for the nation more than just to cater YOU, the public’s crave for answers. They are still confused as much as we do.

If you have nothing better to say, just SHUT UP! Or follow silently, and if you still have a kind heart, say your prayers. Shame on you people who keep on bashing your own country where the fact you still live in it and called yourself Malaysians.

At this time, Malaysia needs support from her people and at this hard time, it’s really testing our UNITY! It’s just shameful when outsiders look at the ugly inside of the nation, showing how people’s lack of respect & love to their own country.

Whatever happen Malaysia, you have my support, love and prayers far thousand miles from Sweden! Be positive, we will find you #MH370! Keep on #prayforMH370 and their family members to keep strong.

Have faith and please keep on praying not blaming (tears*).

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