Friday, May 10th, 2019


Milton Foo in support for revival of LRT

Milton Foo in support of CM LRT's revival.

Secretary of Central Youth Chief, Milton Foo said he gave full  support to the revival of Kuching LRT project Phase 1 as the alternate public transport announced by YAB CM yesterday to ease the most congested expressway in town between Kuching & Samarahan. This is necessary as from morning to 10 pm, there is traffic jam throughout the day which caused a lot of frustration to the commuters. “ I have attended a Unimas function organised by the students there at the university campus last month while representing the Minister for LocalRead More



砂拉越人民联合党青年团秘书长符祥威律师表示,他全力支持砂首长拿督巴丁宜阿邦佐哈里重新启动古晋第一期轻快铁计划,以作为替代公共交通系统,舒缓古晋至三马拉汉的交通阻塞问题。 他指出,古晋至三马拉汉的道路使用者深受塞车困扰。该道路的阻塞情况不仅发生在上下班繁忙时段,甚至从上午6时30分开始至晚上10时,都会出现阻塞问题。 符祥威今日发表文告说,他上个月代表砂地方政府及房屋部长拿督沈桂贤出席在砂大举行的活动时,接获许多关于交通阻塞的投诉,这进一步证明阿邦佐哈里提出当地交通阻塞问题的严重性。 他表示,阿邦佐哈里及砂政党联盟政府勇敢采取行动,重启轻快铁计划以帮助人民的决心值得赞赏。反观,联邦政府却取消砂拉越许多大型基建计划。