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Thursday, June 21st, 2018


Datuk Sebastian Ting sharing the joy of AidilFitri

Sarawakians ​should continue the tradition of holding open house during various festivities like what is being  practised during Hari Raya where those from other communities pay a visit to their Muslim friends. “This festive open house visits help to ehnance unity and harmony among the people of various racial, cultural and religious backgrounds in Sarawak,” said SUPP secretary general Datuk Sebastian Ting yesterday​ while visiting the​ residence of Penghulu Samion Gani at Piasau Jaya Phase II. Ting added that in ​Malaysia in general and Sarawak in particular are blessed asRead More

Site visit to Community Hall at Kpg Pulau Melayu

State Assemblyman for Piasau, Datuk Sebastian Ting visited a site to check on the improvement work on ​ the Community Hall at Kpg Pulau Melayu under the Sarawak Government Rural Transformation Projects (RTP). ​He said the total cost of the project is RM 186,300 ​and work started on 15th May 2018​. So far 15% of the work had been completed. The work on the hall included site clearing, construction of brick wall fencing, tiling works, fixing awning fronting the main entrance, installing a wall mounted fan, and repainting the existingRead More

Judgment on Petronas application

The Federal Court will deliver its decision on Petroliam Nasional Bhd’s (Petronas) application for leave to commence proceedings against the Sarawak government under Article 128(1)(a) of the Federal Constitution tomorrow (June 22) as ​Chief Judge Of The High Court of Malaya, Tan Sri Datuk Ahmad Maarop read his judgement at the Federal Court ​this morning. Petronas is challenging the Sarawak government’s claim to regulatory authority in the upstream oil and gas secto​r and filed application ​on 4th this month ​before the Federal Court seeking for a declaration on the Petroleum Development Act (PDA) 1974Read More


砂人联党卑尔骚区州议员拿督陈超耀律师表示,佳节期间举办开放门户的传统应该世世代代延续下去,尤其是在多元种族与宗教的砂拉越,此精神应该获得维护。 他说,开放门户可让民众互相拜访,促进和谐及增进不同种族与宗教背景人民的情谊。 陈超耀在开斋节期间,向选区上甘榜居民献上佳节祝贺,包括亲临他们的开放门户,一起庆祝佳节。 他表示,砂拉越人必须维护佳节互相道贺及拜访的精神,惟有在团结与和谐的环境下,砂拉越才能不断朝向进步。


砂人联党卑尔骚区州议员拿督陈超耀律师日前前往甘榜Pulau Melayu视察当地的民众礼堂工程。 这项工程是在乡区转型计划下落实,经费为18万6300令吉,工程是从今年5月15日开始。目前,清理场地、装置天花板、风扇及入口处顶盖的工作正在进行中。 根据承包商,该工程目前进度为55%,预计在今年6月11日可以完工。

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